HVAC Service & Maintenance

New Age Energy is here to serve and satisfy our customers with their HVAC Services. Enhance the potential working life of your HVAC equipment, minimise breakdowns, and reduce running costs by ensuring everything is working as efficiently as it should be.

When New Age Energy services your systems, they will be operating as efficiently as they can be – and as they were designed to be; thus reducing stress on mechanical components and other moving parts.

Our certified technicians provide heating and air conditioning services that are both reliable and trustworthy. If your HVAC unit needs repair, regular maintenance, or you need a new installation, look no further!

Our recent installations

Maintenance Visits

At New Age Energy, we promise to respect your time and your property. We guarantee we’ll arrive on time and ready to tackle almost any problem during the first visit. 

You can rest assured that each task we do is completed efficiently, and this is our number one priority.

We will have a  highly skilled and qualified engineer call you at a time convenient to you to schedule a full service to the system(s) covered by the contract.

Checks are made against either a major or minor checklist (depending on the level of cover and time of year) and any defects will be noted down and, when the product is under warranty, steps will be taken to restore normal operation ASAP.

If the system is outside of warranty and the repair will involve a spare part being fitted, you will be notified of the cost and we will ask for authorisation to carry out the repair prior to any work taking place.

To get started, contact our local HVAC experts to make sure the job is done right the first time!

We install the following systems: